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Massage Therapy is covered by most extended health care plans.

Referrals are not required for Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage.

MSP* covers massage therapy for patients who qualify for premium assistance.

For injuries or conditions referred by a physician, ICBC*, RCMP, and DVA also provide coverage.

For your convenience our clinic provides direct electronic billing to these providers.

Time Price
30 min $75
45 min $100
60 min $125
75 min $155
90 min $185

* Price includes GST

MSP * after MSP deduction
Time Price
30 min $52
45 min $77
60 min $102
75 min $132
90 min $162

* Price includes GST

* user fee applies

Time Price
Initial visits
45 mins No Charge
60 mins $6.35*
Subsequent visits
30 mins No charge
45 mins $16.00 *
60 mins $35.75 *

* GST Included

* these amounts will not be reimbursed by ICBC, but CAN be claimed through any extended health insurance they may have.

Time Price
Single Session $25.00
Same Day as Treatments $20.00

* GST Included

No fee if approved

** ICBC must be approved prior to treatment. Call us for assistance.

We offer Direct Billing to the following providers: 

In order to help save you money and the hassle of submitting your receipts, we offer direct billing to the following providers.

Pacific Blue Cross

Northview Health is pleased to offer direct billing to these providers. When making your booking, please inform us as to which provider you are with.  It is not necessarily within our ability to determine what your particular coverage is until we submit the billings.

Please come to your appointment prepared with claim numbers, care card and or insurance policy numbers.  With extended health, you may have a deductible before the treatments are fully or partially covered.  Ask your insurance companies prior to coming to your appointment to avoid unpaid claims or surprise limitations.  Ask your insurance companies if you have a deductible, how much that is, what is your coverage after that for the year, do you need to pay a percentage, what is the maximum amount paid for per session?

If you do not know your insurance details, please be prepared to pay for your appointment in full, we will always issue you with all the registration numbers required to submit to your insurer on your own. Each extended health plan coverage is different.  Some require a doctors referral while others prefer that you submit your receipts directly.

We offer Gift Cards for all occasions !!

Cancellation Policy:

In consideration of your fellow patients and your therapist, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel your appointment.